A project by: Peter Bloom

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Everydata can change your everyday

Technology is part of our everyday, it’s unavoidable. Everything we do creates data, our data footprint is getting bigger and bigger, especially in the age of the Internet. This can be overwhelming and seem out of our control. But it doesn’t have to be. The Everydata app aims to bring your data under your control by teaching people how to use data for their own gain and bring communities together to answer those everyday questions and make a positive change to our day to day lives.

To develop this incredibly exciting app that can change your day to day life I need your help.

I want us to be able to use big data in socially positive ways. My aim is to create a new data sharing app, Everydata, which will teach people how to become more informed and engaged digital citizens.

To develop the Everydata app that will help change our day to day lives, I’m hoping to raise £3,000 in six weeks and I need your help. By making a donation towards my project today you will be giving me the opportunity to help change our communities.

I also need you to help me develop the app by sharing with me what you everyday questions are. I’m sure like me, you have those everyday questions that need answering.

My everyday question is… What restaurants in my area are the best for changing my baby?

The Government has started to encourage tech organisations to come up with smart solutions to fix public sector problems; challenges that public bodies face could be solved by new digital technologies and together we can be part of this vitally important social development.

What is the Everydata app?

Everydata will collect everyday data, and use it in everyday ways to improve your life and your community!

It is an app that at the touch of a button will provide you with

•       Accessible data sharing learning activities

•       Direct links to other app users in your local area or workplace

•       The ability to add information to existing and new data streams

•       Opportunity to contribute to local “challenges” with public services

Everydata will embody the idea that technology doesn’t have to be disruptive, it can be empowering and user led.

Impact of the app?

The Everydata has the potential to revolutionise how we collect and use data. It can help foster

•       “Smarter” Digital Citizens

•       Safe Real-Time Local Data

•       Connected Communities

•       Collaborative public problem-solving

How your gift will make a difference?

Your donation means that we can create the first version of the app and create some of the exciting resources that will be on it. Help us make Everydata part of your everyday!

Who am I?

I am Peter Bloom and I am the Head of the Department of People and Organisations, in the Faculty of Business and Law at The Open University in the UK. My research focuses on critically re-imagining contemporary power, politics and economics - specifically related to themes of democracy, capitalism, and technology.

Do you want to find out more?

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the Everydata app on Facebook and Twitter. There will be lots of things that we want you to get involved in so that we can make use of big data, all day, every day!